and speaking of ikea can i not go to work today plz. i need to pack.



I have a theory that nobody actually works in Ikea. Their ‘employees’ are people that have gotten lost inside, and over the years they simply assimilate into the store. They find themselves wearing clothes that match the logo, they forget the need to eat or sleep. They are Ikea. Ikea is them.  We are all Ikea.

(via patman828)

This made me laugh. 

Making a moving out checklist has an interesting timeline…

  • food
  • to supplies
  • to cat supplies
  • to cute cat collars with names engraved
  • to huge cat toys
  • to cats

I think I like cats? I finally found a good cat to adopt with the most adorable name (Shiver) and I just wanna spoil her and Mufasa.

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